Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wolf Eyes ♪ Paul Winter

why is it so many people take others photos
put them on their blogs, on websites - without asking permission,
or giving credit for photo source.

I found this one on several websites

Take your own photos,
not photos of others.



  1. Sorry
    I took the picture down!
    It just is, that I don't know the author's to most of the photo's. I find them throughout the internet...
    I will try to track down the authors for now on and refer properly.
    The question is, how to solve the situation, that I have a zillion pictures uploaded to complete my thoughts, which are without references... Should I extinguish my entire blog or wait until someone comes again and says "take my pic down".
    Yes, I know, I have created the bad situation myself and it is me who has to find the solution.
    I will go and think now...

  2. Elanor - I would suggest - from now on, provide a link back to any photos you find, after permissions are granted.
    should anyone find their photos on your previous posts, remove them if asked.

    there are many "creative commons" photos on the Flickr website - which means - available for use.
    I would always link back to any photo even with the CC license.